The Analog Session - Fun Fare

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The Analog Session is a music project conceived in February 2009 by Maurizio Dami (aka Alexander Robotnick) and Lapo Lombardi aka Ludus Pinsky
Initially only a video project, it then became also an album and finally a live performance.
It is electronic music played on vintage instruments , mostly improvised in the 70s style but with a strong hint to modern techno-music. The first video-clips made by the two artists in 2009 have had more than 100.000 views on Youtube with consistently enthustiastic feedback.
Since long electronic music concerts (with the exception of academic or experimental ones) essentially consist of a couple of artists, usually DJs, fiddling on their laptops rhythmically nodding their heads along the duration of the so-called “concert”. There may be a vocalist sometimes but not necessarily.
We don't know whether such a situation may be called “live” but anyway to us a concert is something different. As we are talking about electronic music, obviously most of the music played is “sequenced”. This however does not prevent the artist from interacting with it by physically playing different parts and improvising.
The Analog Session's natural vocation is the live performance and it was indeed conceived as live improvisation of electronic music.
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