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Rock & Metal Tomorrow's Outlook - Slave To The Evil Force (Ария Cover)

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    (На Службе Силы Зла)

    Your flag's flying high
    Got no qualms on your mind
    You’re riding hot

    You take all you want
    And anything you don't?
    It matters not

    You know where you stand
    Foe to foes and friend to friends
    But when you’re underground
    You truly do your worst
    All those vile affairs
    Within your secret lair
    Where you serve the evil force

    Outcomes are clear
    And you believe
    That you're always safe
    That you'll always live
    Cruel as the sword
    Precise as the pike
    You'll take down the world
    With just one strike

    Night; a sudden crash
    And then, in a fiery flash

    Fear drips down your temples
    Now it grips your trembling arms

    You desire to live
    There’s nothing you won't give
    You would at any time
    Commit any gruesome crime
    But you're a target now
    So will you do your worst?
    Still, you serve the evil force

    There's only one
    Thought on your mind
    Nowhere to run
    Nowhere to hide
    Will the evil force
    Save you at all
    You've made your choice
    You have sold your soul

    Ooooh...the Master bargains hard
    Ooooh...the soul is black and grey
    Ooooh...the Devil wants no part
    Who needs Him anyway? Hahahah

    Your flag's falling down
    As time burns to the ground
    Look out!

    Dirt, snow; a realm of pain
    Your world burns in flaming rain
    Look out!

    You run from a horde of rats
    Who feast on decay and death
    On your flesh and bone
    Very soon they'll gnaw
    No-one left on earth
    You have done your worst
    Your final toll to the evil force

    There was just one
    Thought on your mind
    After I'm done
    Will I survive
    You'd sell your soul
    But you’re out of time
    No buyers at all
    It’s not worth a dime