Zoocamp Killer whale throws trainer in air at Sea World, San Diego, California (HD), July 22nd, 2009

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Извините, но это видео утеряно.

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Seeing a 3 ton killer whale propel it's trainer about 30 feet (10 metres) into the air is an amazing spectacle that has to be seen in real life. Hopefully this video gives you some indication of the power and scale of the capabilities of these remarkable animals. It is clear that the trainers sustain very special 'one to one' relationships with the whales. The trainer seems to run out of 'fish rewards' at one location for the star performer, and so, substitutes with a kiss. Sea World San Diego, California is an amazing place to visit, filled with first class, original, American entertainment. An inspirational environment, that stretches the imagination! Precise, synchronized, intelligent performances. See Wikipedia for more info:
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